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Seven to Seven Ayurvedic Massage Oil

seventosevenSolanki India Pharmacy have developed this Seven to Seven ayurvedic massage oil with great care in selecting the rarest of the herbs as per the ancient formula handed over by generations to give relief from some of the common ailments like Arthiritis, Joint Pains, Knee Pains, Shoulder Pains, Muscular pains, Sprains, Back pains , Neck pains and cramps.

Massaging the body with ayurvedic massage oils helps to stimulate the internal functions of the body while providing nourishment to different body tissues. Oils also offers lubrication to skin and tissue. Working at both physical and mental levels, ayurvedic massage oils excite enzymes and increases both the assimilation of food as well as the vital body fluids. An ayurvedic massage is also useful for treating various illness and fatigue pertaining to skin, muscles, nerves and even hair.

Each 100 ml. Contains : Gaultheria Tel, Piperment Tel, Nilgiri Tel, Ajwan Phool, Kapoor, Big Elaychi, Gugal, Teel Tel.

Note : For external use only..

Available In:

  • Seven to Seven ayurvedic massage Oil Pack of 25 ml for Rs. 40.00
  • Seven to Seven ayurvedic massage Oil Pack of 50 ml for Rs. 68.00
  • Seven to Seven ayurvedic massage Oil Pack of 100 ml for Rs.120.00
  • Seven to Seven ayurvedic massage Oil Pack of 200 ml for Rs.205.00


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