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Welcome to Solanki India Pharmacy

Solanki India Pharmacy is a company initiated and headed by Shri. Guman Singh with surya gangea strong endeavor of manufacturing a premium quality product range in the ayurveda market and making it available throughout the globe.

Surya Gange Ayurvedic Hair Oil recognizes that almost all the hair problems you experience are a result of a lack of nutrition in the hair. Surya Gange not only moisturizes your scalp, reverses dry scalp and dry hair conditions, but it provides numerous essential nutrients required to maintain the normal functions of the scalp and promotes hair growth. This Ayurvedic hair oil comprises of a complete hair diet and an excellent conditioner which are important for hair growth, thickness and the strengthening of your roots. It also protects against the premature graying of the hair.

Composition Each 100 ml Contains : Amla, Khus, White Sandal, Agar, Nagarmotha, Gulab Phool, Mulethi, Kapoor Kachari, Jatamansi, Pudina, Satawari, Mahendi, Majaistha, Kapoor, Eucalyptus, Ajwain phool, Brahmi, Small Elaychi, Teel Oil.

Available In:

  • Surya Gange Ayurvedic Medicine Hair Oil Pack of 100 ml for Rs. 65.00
  • Surya Gange Ayurvedic Medicine Hair Oil Pack of 200 ml for Rs.115.00
  • Surya Gange Ayurvedic Medicine Hair Oil Pack of 400 ml for Rs.200.00
केश तेल लगाने की विधि : -  यह आयुर्वेदिक गुणकारी ठण्डा तेल है ।  सुबह मे या रात को सोने के पहले थोडा सिर पर "सुर्यगंगे " तेल की  मालिश कीजिए ।  यह बहुत गुणकारी एवं लाभप्रद है । 

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